Family. Friends. Food. (...and dancing)


Last Tuesday I drove to Phoenix after my afternoon shift at Islands. :)

Lots of smiling.

I didn't have to come back until Monday night, so I got to stay for almost a whole week :)

I planned my trip around a Lindy Hop workshop on Saturday with Lindy Rockstars Dax Hock and Sarah Breck.


Surprised mom at work and brought her Starbucks. She made me play my saxophone. I'm still really good...compared to fifth graders.

DFA! Lunch with Grandma and Dad at Uncle Sam's. Philly Cheesesteak ftw ya'll.

(A DFA is a "Delicious Food Alert". I have a list of places that don't exist in LA that I try to eat at when I visit Phoenix. They will be denoted with a "DFA"!)

Coffee time with Miss Arab USA 2012 at Desert Ridge. Oh, did I just drop a title like that? I did. Her name is Suzanne. But I call her Suz. Because we're friends.

Dad got me a keyboard so I could have music in my life back in Lala land.

DFA! Paradise Bakery for dinner. While watching two episodes of Once Upon a Time with the 'rents.


Breakfast Club with Kyle. The restaurant. Not the movie.

DFA! Pane Bianco. So scrumptious. As always. Lunch with Matthew.

First massage in four months. I already need another one.

Tried to sell all my clothes at Buffalo Exchange...I got rejected at both of them.

DFA! Dinner at Oregano's with the lovely Jennifer Keck. That pizzookie didn't stand a chance.

Surprise time! Showed up to my small group's Thursday night get together. Fun fact: Everyone has a different way of saying "oh my gosh" when something unexpected happens.


8am - LASIK appointment. My eyes are still dry. The fit's gonna hit the shan pretty soon here if things don't get fixed. It's almost been a year.

Got my oil changed. I had barely driven 3,000 miles since I moved (4 months). That's an all time record low for me.

DFA! Lunch with Grandma and Dad at Chick Fil A. Yes, they have Chick Fil A in Hollywood. But it's far away and it doesn't have my Grandma.

Drilled some fear into the flagline at North Canyon. They got a superior and a flag caption the next day. Holla!

Saw my kiddos. <3 my Raumies.

DFA! My mom's chicken pot pie.

Dance time at Fat Cat.


Einstein's for breakfast.

Dance workshop!! Changed my life. But, really, I'm gonna start dancing more in LA. I <3 it.

Tenth Avenue North/Audrey Assad concert with the broski and his girly. Best concert of my life. Also the third concert of my life. But it was the best one :)

Then to another dance party. Ball out jeans anyone? Anyone? No. Ok.


Family day :)

DFA! Il Primo Pizza and Wings.

Costco trip. Ballin.

Watching football on the couch with Daddy.


DFA! Jimmy John's with Chelsea.


Perfect Pitch with Grandma.

DFA! Sauce.

Facial at Desert Bloom Skincare. My skin is not happy in LA.

Hobby Lobby with Mom.

Pack up.

Drive home.

Psych! Stop at Jen's on the way out of town.

Then drive home.

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