Still Waiting for Spielberg to Call


I moved into a studio apartment in Silver Lake last week, and I LOVE it! It's exactly the right size for me in a wonderful location right in between my two jobs. And I'm alone. I've always hoped I would have the opportunity to have my own space before I got married, and I'm acting exactly the way I thought I would - decorating, redecorating, organizing, reorganizing, eating healthy, baking cookies for neighbors, staying up late, getting up late, and putting post-it notes and pictures alllll over the place. This is coming on the tail end of actually sharing a bedroom with my roommate. So I'm letting myself get giddy every time I unlock my door! The one down side is parking. The building is so old that it doesn't have a parking lot, so we're left to wander the streets and fight to the death in a battle royale for parking in whatever little sidestreets we can find. It's not that bad. I walked a block and a half one time. And I had my very first 'perfect' parallel parking experience. It was a normal sized space (not the typical Smart-car-sized-space I usually squeeze my car into) and I parallel parked in two moves. Wha-bam!

Here are a couple photos: IMG_1195



On the side of my refrigerator you'll notice notes and cards and pictures. These are all people who have written me  encouraging things, and since I eat food out of my refrigerator every day I'm forced to look at them and smile every day. Forced encouragement...sometimes thats the only way it happens out here.


My new shower curtain might be my favorite part about the whole place.

My TV still doesn't work. There's a theory that it's actually my blu-ray player that is messing it up, but I haven't had the opportunity to test that theory by using a different device...because I don't have any different devices...

I'm still working at Islands. Exclusively as a Server as of today :) I've been doing a mix of serving and working expo/takeout for a couple months now. But it's all serving now. Dolla, dolla, tips!

In December I also started babysitting a three month old baby girl named Brynn three days a week. She is now five months old (math!):


If I showed you this photo in person you would say, "She is so cute!" And then I would reply, "You have no idea. This baby is the most adorable, happy, giggly, wiggly baby in the world. I absolutely love taking care of her." Her parents are really cool too. Mom is an artist for The Simpsons. That's right. As in, The Simpsons. Right about now is the time I wish I'd ever actually seen an episode...

Between these two jobs I work nine days a week (math?), so I haven't gotten to do any more background acting in the past couple months. And I'm okay with that.

One of my tippy top priorities this year was to find a church that I love asap. And I think it may have happened. I heard this from about a million different people before I left Phoenix, and then I got distracted with a different church...but now I've seen the light and started going to Reality LA. Pastor Tim preached the best sermon I've heard since I moved to LA this last Sunday. You can check it out here if you want to.

On Wednesday nights I go to a free improv class in Hollywood that is one of the highlights of my week. I love being funny. And watching other people be funny. This is to help keep me on my toes so that I'm ready for The Groundlings as soon as I'm able to audition.

Auditions still happen sometimes. But I'm still kinda focused on existing as a functioning human being in Los Angeles. Once I can go grocery shopping without stressing out I'll start being  more aggressive about getting out there more. I don't really have a success/failure timeline. I've heard the question "How long are you going to stay in LA?" Forever. This isn't an "if I don't make it in three years I'm giving up" situation. This is an "I'm going to live in Los Angeles" situation....and I'll pursue acting while I'm here.

I've started swing dancing a little more often at LindyGroove. But my schedule is changing at work, so I might be back to doing the Tranky Doo alone in my living room.

Still looking for a husband.

Still looking for a girlfriend who won't judge me for hating coffee, spontaneously bursting out in Disney songs, crying about Dr. Who, and who doesn't get concerned when I try to make deep, philosophical exclamations about life.

Still waiting for my eyeballs to heal. Not gonna lie, the last three days have sucked like a vortex.

Still waiting for Spielberg to call.