Two Months


I drove out to LA on July 1st, so it's been exactly two months (or nine weeks...however you want to look at it). Here are the highlights!

July 1st - Drove out to LA.

July 2nd - Spielberg called.

The real July 2nd - Interviewed at Chick Fil A.

July 4th - Partied with strangers that aren't strangers anymore.

July 5th - Got hired at Islands.

July 12th - Got furniture!

July 17th - Mom and dad came to visit! And I went to my first audition in LA for a live staging of a TV pilot. (I found out later that I got cast in a small role!...unfortunately I had to turn the role was scandalous).

July 22nd - Spider attack.

July 23rd-25th - Pretty Little Liars Background Acting

August 3rd-5th - Made a movie. But, ya know, it's...whatever. "It's Over? A Zombie Comedy"

August 13th - Animal Practice Background Acting

August 14th - Finished reading Ender's Game. Mind blown.

August 15th-19th - First visit home. (Sorry, everyone!! I didn't tell anyone cuz I was just there to get my couch and a bed.)

August 17th - I got my first celebrity Twitter follower. Awww yeah! Thanks @TyLabine!

August 20th - Goodbye air mattress!!

August 24th - Passed my test at Islands to become a Backserver and work Takeout. (Promoted after six weeks?? I'm just sayin...)

August 27th - Criminal Minds Background Acting

September 1st - Made chocolate chip cookie dough and wrote a blog about my cool life.

Other accomplishments include: biking to work, keeping a detailed budget, watching four seasons of Gossip Girl in three weeks, watching two seasons of 24 in one week, gaining five pounds (I guess ramen isn't as slimming as one might think), and knowing how to get home from all the major freeways without using GPS.

Thanks for all your love and support, everyone! LA is where I'm supposed to be, but I do miss home. I've met some lovely people but things tend to get lonely.

Many of you know I had LASIK in January, and, unfortunately, I'm still dealing with some pretty severe dry eye issues from that. The humidity in LA was supposed to help, but it hasn't gotten much better.

I've also dealt with sleep issues for alot of my life, and so far I haven't found a routine out here that helps me get restful sleep. A couple weeks ago I was able to sleep for 13 hours and that finally gave me a couple days of energy. But even when I get 8-9 hours I still end up exhausted.

But, I am having a BLAST out here!! I'm excited to see what happens next.

When I went home I found this journal entry from when I was 12, along with one of my favorite quotes.

It's usually up to you to make your dreams come true, friends.