Demo Reel



Hair: Brown  Eyes: Green  Height: 5’ 9”  Weight: 140

Bust: 34  Waist: 30  Hips: 39

Dress: 6/8  Pant: 7/9 Shoe: 8-81/2


Impress Me Guest Star – Stephanie Pacquin Pop TV / SoulPancake
My Crazy Ex Guest Star – Stefanie Lifetime Movie Network



Blind Date Lead – Caitlin Guinness is for Strength Productions
She’s With Me Supporting – Cook Dream Factory Entertainment
Time of Death Lead – Jessica Chasing Sunrise Films
The Question Lead – Chloe The Magic Flight Productions
Bad Timing Lead – Trisha Alone Wolf Pictures



Improv 101 Upright Citizens Brigade Fall 2015
Comedy Showcase Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop Summer 2015
WebSeries: iLove dot com Supporting Second Chance Productions
Funny or Die: The Claim Supporting Lynch Productions



Wonder Women Lead – Ultra Woman The Next Stage Theater
GLAM! The Musical Lead – Leslie Phoenix First
Taken Lead – Samantha Phoenix First
Bucket List: The Musical Ensemble Moon Valley Productions



Conflicts available upon request.



Weekly Scene Study Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop  Ongoing, since May 2013
Basic Improv The Groundlings School (Core)  Fall 2013
Commercial Killian McHugh’s Adult Workshop  June 2015
Image Casting Sam Christensen Studios  Fall 2014
Theatre Minor Arizona State University  Graduated Spring 2011



Vocal Alto/Soprano
Musical Instruments Alto Saxophone, Piano/Keyboard, familiar with all instruments
Dance Choreography, Swing (Lindy Hop/East Coast)
Athletic Bicycle, Football, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Golf, Scooter, Snowboard, Swim (all strokes), Volleyball, Weight Training, Yoga
Dialects/Accents American Southern, Australian, British, New York
Other Conducting, Cooking, Crossfit, Driving Manual, Flying on Aerial Riggings, Green Screen, Handling Firearms, Olympic Weightlifting, Puppetry, Sewing, Working with Children

“Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it. Saute it. Whatever…MAKE.”

– Joss Whedon